What’s Been Going On?

Well Folks, I’m back. Finally.

I broke the blog and haven’t been able to tell you about all of my busy-ness.

I’ll start with my latest and most exciting venture. My path to Suzy-Homemaker for-real-ness.

I am a licensed designer of clothing sewing patterns for BariJ!

A while back, while driving for something like 12 hours to Utah …in the earliest snow storm recorded in California… an idea was hatched. After several months of brushing it under the rug, Bari and I decided to create some patterns together for garments.

Here are the first two!

Zophia Dress

Bailey Wrap Dress

Now, when you publish stuff like this, you have to sell it. Selling requires a ‘launch’ to retailers. The fabric/sewing industry tends to go to the International Quilt Market twice a year to see the latest and greatest in fabric, sewing, patterns, notions, machinery, techniques, etc.


Finished booth before the show opened.

I’ve worked hundreds of (if not more) trade shows in my day job; I was prepared to be on fire, hawking my own wares along with Bari’s newest fabric lines for Art Gallery and her new gorgeous bag patterns. I was not prepared for the phenomenal response we got — everyone was so complimentary and sales were awesome! So many good things came from Quilt Market: I met some new (terrific) friends, I met some influential people (and totally geeked out on a few) , occupied more hotel rooms at one hotel than I ever have before (long story) and learned a TON about how to do this tradeshow again. I also experienced the drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Kansas City, Missouri — a road I had never traveled. (I’ll write more about it later.)

Some of my new friends are the crew from Art Gallery — they put together this short video that showcases just how fun these people are. (and if you watch carefully, you’ll see me and my stuff!)

Art Gallery Quilt Market 2012 Recap

One thing you might notice is that Bari and Art Gallery won 1st place awards for their booths – three blue ribbons!

NEVER in my career have I so easily sold something as I sold Art Gallery Fabric. I love Art Gallery Fabric – always have. I drive over an hour to buy Art Gallery Fabric and I look for it in every shop I go to. If you sew, you should be sewing with Art Gallery. Period. If you want my detailed pitch, hit me up by email and I’ll tell you or I’ll post it if enough people care.

I know when you see all this stuff made with BariJ’s fabric you’re going to want to get some for yourself, when you touch them, you’re going to want more! BariJ for Art Gallery “Lilly Belle”  is shipping to your local independent fabric store now or check out Art Gallery’s listing of local retailers here: Find a Store  Find an Online Store

Enough chatter, I’ll close with a few more pictures from Quilt Market and get working on a new recipe to share.

First Place for Single Booth!


My Mister made us custom t-shirts to wear in the booth!


Sneak peek of one of the next patterns!



Comments: 3

  1. pam June 12, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Congrats! It was great to meet up in real life!

  2. Terry Sunny Tea Studio June 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Hey. I like the design of your blog. Good colors and nice dragonfly. Good pictures. I need to spend more time with our blog to do pictures. I have two more weeks to work my day job at the school then I will have two weeks off. I can’t wait to spend my days sewing, and quilting several quilts for my Mom. I also have some drawings started for fabric designs to work on. It was nice to take a break after going to market from the art work. We need to come up with better ideas than what we had at market. Have a great week.

  3. Jacqueline June 14, 2012 at 11:38 am

    OMG! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the sneak peek!!! And PS. I want a t-shirt. AND CANNOT wait to get the two in print. A is going to LOVEEEE the tie dress as a shirt. xoxoxo

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